Another Chance

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This is a "scene" that could be put in most any story. But I have spent so much time developing it that I decided to share it as a short.

      Things were not going well with Ron and me. I wanted to be fucked by him, but it hurt. He told me he was fucking a guy named Scott. I also wanted to please Ron with oral sex, but I was squeamish. Sex wasn't our main problem though; I was afraid of his anger.

      I hug him as we lay on the floor. I kiss him trying to use lots of tongue. I move so that he'll roll over on top of me.
      "I love you Ron."
      "I love you too Kyle." He kisses me some more.
      When he stopped, I said "Ron we need to talk." He groaned. But nodded.
      "We've been going through some hard times. I don't know what is going on." I said.
      I can't tell him that I'm afraid of him, even though he hasn't done anything to directly hurt me. Intellectually I don't fear him, but I can feel his anger and disappointment in me.
      "I can feel your disappointment and anger."
      "What do you mean?" he asked.
      "You told me that you were frustrated that you can't fuck me. I'm frustrated by that too."
      He nodded.
      "I'm not jealous of Scott, but I'm hurt that you don't want to try that with me anymore."
      "But it hurts you," he said.
      "Yes, most of the time. But did I tell you about the times that you have caused me to have multiple orgasms when you fucked me?" I'm blushing now.
      "No. Really?"
      I nodded. "I want to experience that again, with you."
      OK here comes the hard part. "Would you stop seeing Scott, if we try again?"
      He frowned. "I thought you weren't jealous," he said looking angry.
      "And you told me he was to satisfy your need, that I can't." I was starting to feel the tears coming.
      "Don't cry, babe. I hate it when you cry." He started to roll off of me.
      I tried to hang on to him, but I was ready to let go if he got angrier.
      "Please don't go Ron. I'm crying because you're getting angry, and I feel embarrassed talking about sex."
      He laid beside me and his look softened. "You don't need to be embarrassed." He stroked my cheek.
      "But, I want to do things with you, but I get grossed out or it hurts, and I feel bad, because I do want to please you." I felt more tears coming, but I forced them down.
      "Yes, I could tell," he said.
      Now I feel angry. He went to another man, rather than try to work it out with me! I bit my, lip so that I would not say that. I didn't know what to say. He knew! OK, let's just stick with the physical.
      "I don't know what to do," I said.
      "Oh?" he asked, with a smile, that implied I was naive about sex.
      "OK, I know 'what' to do." I said, grinning back at him. "But well," I turned away from him, "it's more how we do it. I feel like telling you how, or uh, what I want, that you might think I didn't like the way you make love to me."
      He snuggled up close behind me and put his arm around my chest and across my arm. I interlace my fingers in his.
      "I do like the way you hold me and make love to me Ron. I guess it's just little things that are my problem."
      "Actually it is our problem Kyle. You need to let me know what you like. Actually I thought I figured out some things that you like." He bit my shoulder, near my neck.
      "I know," I gasped and shuddered. He bit harder and held me tighter. I started to feel a wave of intense pleasure building. He nibbled my shoulder and neck in rhythm to my trembling. The pleasure peaked, and I was sweating.
      "OK, OK," I gasped, and moved away from him."You do know a lot about what I like." I shuddered and then sighed.
      "Did you know that causes me to have a kind of orgasm?"
      "I've always wondered if you did. Did you cum?" he asked.
      "If you mean ejaculate, no. But it is actually better than cumming that way, because I can keep going with out waiting, to recover."
      He bit my shoulder again.
      "Aiiee, I didn't mean now!" I said, trying to wiggle away, because it was so intense. He chuckled, held me tight and rolled on top of me, pinning me to the floor. He kept nibbling at my shoulder muscle, in rhythm to my jumping, until I just froze with an intense feeling, holding my breath. Now I was really sweaty and breathing hard. He stopped and I just kept trembling in his arms.
      "Feel good?" he asked. I could feel him humping my bottom with his hardon.
      "Yes, that was intense!"
      He rolled me onto my back and sat on me, pressing his groin on to me.
      "You're not even hard and you had an orgasm?"
      I nodded. I also pushed up at him an felt myself getting hard.
      "Ah, now I can feel you."
      "Now what was it that you wanted to talk about?" he asked.
      I looked in to his nice brown eyes and his black eye lashes. "That's OK." I smiled up at him. I didn't want to ruin this great connection with him.
      He held my arms down, above my head. Then he leaned down and licked my lips. "No, you need to tell me what you want" he said.
      I closed my eyes. I couldn't look at him. How can I tell him so he won't be offended.
      I opened my eyes and looked into his brown eyes. He had such a loving look. "Well, ah." I looked away embarrassed to continue.
      "Look at me Kyle. You want me to fuck you?"
      I looked at him and nodded.
      "But it hurts, right?" he asked.
      "Most of the time. Also well, umm, the last time, when I sat on you and" I just trailed off and looked away.
      "Oh, the poop," he said chuckling. I squirmed under him and closed my eyes. I could feel my face getting hot blushing.
      "That didn't bother me much you know. It was just uncomfortable."
      I peeked a look at him. "But I was so embarrassed. I don't know what to do about that. I thought I was empty. "
      "You could try an enema," he suggested.
      "Wouldn't that gross you out?" I asked.
      "Not at all. Why would it?"
      "Well, it sounds awful when it comes out. It's embarrassing."
      He was looking at me, thinking, then he smiles. "If I hear you preparing yourself for me, I'll probably get hard with that thought. Because I'll know that you want me in you and that is what you are thinking about." He rubbed his crotch against me. I looked at him smiling at me. "Would that help?" he asked.
      I nodded. I was relieved and surprised at how simple the solution.
      "Now what can we do about the pain part?" he asked.
      "Certain positions feel better than others," I said.
      "I think I know what those are," he said. "Me entering you from behind, right?"
      I nodded.
      "But that's not enough," he said.
      "No, I guess not."
      "What else can we try?" he asked
      "Maybe if you could play with me longer, using your fingers to open me up more," I trailed off and bit my lower lip.
      "Of course," he started. "What's wrong?"
      I sighed. "I sound like a woman asking for more fore-play."
      He laughed. "You don't feel like a woman to me," he said, as he humped against me more. "You're really cute when you get embarrassed." He leaned down and kissed me. His tongue swirls around my tongue. I tried to put my arms around him but he held me down.
      He stopped. "So is there anything else?"
      There was, but I was getting so hot that I wanted to cum. "No, that's enough for now." I looked away.
      "I think there's more. Want to tell me?"
      Oops, I shouldn't have looked away. It was embarrassing enough talking about fucking, but to talk about cock sucking now, seems like too much.
      He started nibbling at my neck and moved down across my chest and towards my side. It was starting to tickle.
      "No! Ah, don't, that tickles."
      He nuzzled more and held my arms down more firmly, even though I struggled to get away from his mouth. He stopped and looked at me. "So, are you ready to talk more?"
      "It's really nothing, aieee, ha, ha, oh god,", I almost screamed as he started to tickle me more with his chin and teeth in my side. He backed off a bit, and it started to turn me on, rather than tickle. I felt him humping against me. I pushed up at him and I was moaning. I felt the feeling build my groin, I was going to cum.
      "Oh, god, Ron, you're going to make me cum."
      He stopped and looked at me. "Really? Here?" he asked, while rubbing his crotch into me.
      "Yes!" I panted.
      "We can't have that. You need to tell me more things." He pulled away. I tried to push at him, but I couldn't reach.
      "OK, you win." I said. Now how can I say this, so that I don't hurt his feelings.
      "Well I, ah, I would like to learn how to suck your cock." I started.
      He grins, "I have no problem with that! But you could have done that any time, why haven't you?"
      Now for the tricky part. "Uh, while I really want to do it, when I actually start, I get grossed out."
      He's frowning. "My cock grosses you out?"
      "No, I love your cock. What I mean is I have only tried it may be two times, and neither for very long."
      "Do you mean you've never had a guy cum in your mouth?" he had a surprised look.
      That's only a small part of my reluctance, but it's better than telling him that it was the leaking pre-cum and how he smelled, which was over powering. Despite that, I really did want to make him cum with my mouth. I sighed.
      "It's OK," he said "I just didn't know that you had not done it much. What would make it easier for you." He let go of my arms and snuggled on top of me, holding most of his weight on his elbows. He nibbled at my shoulder and neck. I put my arms around him and pulled him down onto me.
      "Mmm, you feel so good," I said. "Maybe if we take a shower and I wash you there, I might, well..." I trailed off.
      "So the smell grosses you out," he said.
      I froze and held my breath. Deny it quick. But he licked my neck and I paused.
      He pulled away and looked at me. "It's OK, babe, it bothered me at first too."
      I didn't say anything. I felt like I had said too much already.
      "So when do we start your sex education?" he asked.
      I laughed. "I'm not that inexperienced!"
      He laughed too. "I'm looking forward to cumming in your virgin mouth."
      "I'm looking forward to feeling you cum in my bottom," I said.
      He chuckled. "Ready to start?"
      "I thought we already had."
      "Yes, you've probably already had two or three orgasms."
      "I'm not counting."
      "Of course you're not counting! You're way ahead of me," he said.
      "Well, you made me cum, in my head anyway."
      "Let's see if we can get you squirting too," he said. Then he, started biting my shoulder again. I just went limp and let him. I started to see stars as he nibbled in rhythm to my jerking. I held his head to my shoulder while I came. The major peak passed. I relaxed under him. He slowed down. Now he's nibbling on my neck. That tickles, I giggled. He licked. I felt his afternoon beard. I squirmed to get away. He held me tight and bit my other shoulder. I went ridged with pleasure.
      "Oh Ron," I gasped. Wave after wave of pleasure was hitting me. I couldn't think of anything else. The joy was so intense and it just kept going. I was crying now. He kept going. I can hardly breath. I held my breath and squeezed him hard, as I felt a stab of white pleasure. He stopped. No. He stopped. I'm just sobbing. He's pulling away. I hung on tightly. I'm sobbing and still jerking with the orgasm.
      "Kyle, are you OK?" he asked with concern.
      I nodded. But he couldn't see me. He rolled over onto his back. I hung on to him. He pushed me back.
      "Kyle, what's wrong, did I hurt you?" he asked again?
      I shook my head and laid down on him with my head on his chest. Another wave of pleasure hit. I held my breath and waited for it to pass.
      "No, you didn't hurt me," I whispered horsely. "That's probably the best I've felt in my life." I trembled some more on him, then sighed and relaxed.
      "You are one sexy dude. I came in my pants when you yelled my name."
      "Really, wow. I didn't yell, did I?" I asked.
      "It was pretty loud. It must have been good for you, you are drenched in sweat."
      I nodded, and shuddered some more.
      "I don't believe it, you're still cumming? How may times was that? I counted two distinct peaks."
      "Yes, but that last one lasted so long, I don't even know how to count it." I shuddered again. "Just thinking about it, and remembering how it felt, gives me little feelings of pleasure."

That's all I have for now. The obvious next scene would be Kyle's "education". There's also some interesting questions: How did they meet? Will they stay together, because Kyle avoided the main problem between them? What about Scott?