This is an annotated bibliography, of works that were directly reference in my writing, or they played a major role in influencing my ideas.

Asimov, Isaac;The End of Eternity

Enema Guide; Getting rid of that enema--a guide.

Fernbach, David; The Spiral Path
This is were I came across the Gay Liberation Front: Manifesto reference.

Until I read this book and the Manifesto, I could not understand why gay people are perceieved as such a threat to "civilization" (i.e. the status-quo).

Gay Liberation Front: Manifesto
There are two versions of this document: 1971, and 1978. It is very interesting to see what was changed. Here is a link to my analysis of the differences: Gay Liberation Front Manifesto - London, 1971, 1978 diff, with links to the original sources.

While I don't agree with everything said in this document, it is quite refreshing to see truly radical points of views, rather than only the politically correct views.

Gerrold, David; When Harlie Was One

Gerrold, David; The Man Who Folded Himself

Heinlein, Robert; Time Enough For Love

Heinlein, Robert; The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

This is one of my favorite online places. LambdaMOO is a text-based virtual reality world. It is far more than just chat-rooms. Graphical virtual reality worlds are fun, but they equivalent to TV or movies, while text-based MUDs and MOOs are equivalent to books.

See Basic MOO Commands for directions to my home at LambdaMOO.

MUD Object Oriented

Multi-User Dungeon

Morin, Jack; Anal Pleasure & Health: A Guide for Men and Women

Rimmer, Rober H.; The Harrad Experiment

Tolkin, J.R.R.; Lord of the Rings

zMUD; zMUD Client Source
This is a very good window's client for MUD and MOO connections.


Last updated: 2003/05/25