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Chat Room Rules and Regulations

Welcome to the BLC chatroom.

Like other BDSM chat rooms you are free to chat, however this room is geared towards serious BDSM relationships and concerns of all types both online and otherwise.

Before entering be aware that there may be a serious discussion going on inside, and if so, certain behaviors will not be tolerated.

Please read and take note of the following:

  • It is not a role playing room
  • It is not a place for trolling for cybersex partners
  • In the room, everyone has equal status, whatever their dominant or submissive character
  • Everyone has the right to say no to any other. Relationships between dominants and their own submissives will be determined by themselves.
  • Providing levels of politeness are kept, any subject regarding serious D/s or BDSM activities will be acceptable, irrespective of whether it is mild or extreme. You can just chat, too.
  • Personal attacks and insults will not be tolerated from anyone.
  • Upper and lower case letters for dominants and submissives are unnecessary and should be discouraged, however as many already have the habit, they will be tolerated.
  • Avs are generally unnecessary. It is a discussion room. No one in here is going to judge you by your av anyway.
  • There is no bar. There is no bowing, serving, dancing, etc. except in fun.
  • Generally, private messaging is allowed if the recipient wishes.
  • People will be ejected immediately for unwarranted pm's, disorderly or inappropriate behavior, personal attacks and obviously drunk or drugged behavior.
  • Scening is discouraged - it is a discussion room.

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