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More Questions to Ask a Prospective Dominant

Subj: Re:The first meeting ... Ever
Date: 96-09-20 17:39:09 edt
From: Nicki Blue

somebody wants to know: <<<I would like to know if anyone has a set of standards or rules ... questions that a submissive should ask a Dom when meeting for the first time ?>>>

lucky you, i happen to have your answers oh yes

  1. ask him why he ever broke up with everyone he ever broke up with and connect the dots
  2. ask him what sign is in his venus
  3. ask him if he can tango
  4. ask him if he expects you to cook and say 'touche'
  5. ask him if he knows BlckndPrince or whatever the hell his name is
  6. ask him to verify his experience
  7. ask to see a pay stub
  8. ask him if he wears shorts or briefs and what in the world is the difference anyway

know that anything he tells you is a matter of interpretation, usually HIS.


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