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BDSM Basics

BDSM Beginners Kit

    This section offers in both web and downloadable format, a series of articles about the basics of BDSM including various views on dominance and submission, hints and tips for novices, safety information, opinoins about predators, abuse, contracts, etc.
    Basic definitions: what is BDSM, or submission, or a switch?
For Submissives
    Articles written from a submissive viewpoint about various aspects of BDSM.
For Dominants
    Articles written from a dominant viewpoint about various aspects of BDSM.
Technique and Hints
    Hints, pointers, siggestions and odeas about being dominant or submissive.
Articles and Opinion
    General articles and opinion about a variety of subjects.
Meeting People
    Just how do you meet people in a D/s lifestyle anyway?
Other Stuff
    Anything which doesn't fit into the previous categories.

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