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BDSM Learning Center


Welcome to the BDSM Learning Center. This is a site that will hopefully provide non-judgement views, opinion, facts and information for those interested in seriously exploring BDSM or the D/s lifestyle, either online or in a more physical sense. It has been developed by some BDSM people - both v/t and r/t - who have seen the need for easily accessible information of a factual and useful kind, particularly for those who are just starting to explore the lifestyle and its options.

There are many BDSM sites on the internet. Some are little more than porno sites, others are usefull and are full of information. But only a handful are sites that can be considered wide ranging and all encompassing. In other words, it is difficult to do one-stop-shopping for BDSM information. We hope to fill the gap. It will not happen overnight, but by fall of this year expect to see us bloom in all our glory.

Meanwhile, bear with us and... patience.

If you have comments or suggestions, please send them via the contact page.

Otherwise, enjoy....