Learning About Love: Book 1

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Version: 2006/04/10

This fictional story contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts between the characters in it. Unsafe sex practices are depicted, because it is set in a time before the killer STD AIDS; always use a condom. Any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental. This story may only be electronically copied to free sites.

Author's note: Here's Chapter 6. I thought it was almost done, but it doubled in size! There's more sex in it than what I had initially planned. Rather than cut and rewrite, I figured, what the heck, it is the climax to the story! (OK, you can groan now :-)

Chapter 6

      "What are you doing Ben?"
      "I want you now Tony."
      I put both hands on his face and kissed him. He put his hands on my waist. I pulled back.
      "Are you sure Ben? I thought we were waiting."
      "But that was so we would have time to get to know each other," I said. "We do seem to have a lot in common. We like the same kind of music and movies. We both like science and math, though you're better at it than I am."
      I looked at him in the eyes. "I also know that I love you. You make me feel so good, just being next to you, and talking to you on the phone almost every night." I looked down. "I want to show you how much I love you." I focused on his crotch. Will he let me touch him there again?
      He put his hand under my chin and moved me up to look at him. I tried to smile at him, but I couldn't hold it. He glanced away then looked back at me.
      "OK Ben. What do you want to do?"
      Yes! Now I'm grinning! I kissed him.
      "Here, move over." I moved away from him and pulled him with me to the center of the seat, so he was clear of the steering wheel.
      I moved my hand between his legs and cupped his balls. I looked at his face. He was smiling at me. He moved his hand between my legs too. We rubbed each other for a little while. He moved his hand and started to unzip my pants. I unfastened his belt and pants button, then unzipped them. He had my zipper down and was trying to find his way into my underware. Hee, hee, I'm going to beat you Tony. I pulled the top of his underware out and down over his hard on. Mmm I smelled a nice musky smell from him.
      With the dim street-light, I looked at his penis. It had a funny top. Wow, he's uncircumcised!
      Tony was still fumbling in my pants. "Can you help Ben?" he asked.
      I took his hand away. "It's OK Tony, let me play with you first."
      I looked back at what I was holding. I want to see all of him there.
      "Can you help pull them down some?" I asked as I moved to pull his pants down. He lifted up. I pulled them down to his ankles. Ah, what a nice bush of curly hair.
      "Better?" he asked.
      "Oh yes." I took a hold of his dick again. Now what is this about a fore-skin. I moved my hand down. Ah the skin is moving off of the head. I wonder if it's shaped different from me. Oh cool, the pink mushroom shaped head is just like mine. Gee the fore-skin isn't a piece of skin laying over the head, like the encyclopedia described. It's just a lot of loose skin that rolls up and down over the head. I moved my hand up and down. Covering and uncovering the head. This is amazing. He doesn't need any lubrication to jack off!
      "Uh, Ben, I'm going to cum if you keep doing that."
      I looked up at him. "Oh yes. I want you to cum," I said smiling.
      "But I need something so I won't make a mess."
      Oh. I looked around for some kleenex or a towel. Nothing. What a minute! If I suck him, there'll be no mess.
      "I have just the thing," I said. I bent over and licked the head. He pushed up at me and groaned. I pulled the skin way down to expose the head more and slid my mouth over the warm head. He put his hands on my head and ran his fingers through my hair.
      I shifted to kneeling on the floor. I held his cock, with my left hand, stroking him up and down with my mouth. I held and felt his balls with my right hand. I moved my hand up to feel the base of his cock and to feel his curly hair. His hands on my head were giving me signals about the rhythm that he likes. Mmm, his cock is so warm in my mouth. He was jerking up at me.
      "Ben, I'm close to cumming," he said, kind of gasping.
      I speeded up and stroked with my hand more. He jerked up and groaned. I moved to match his movements. Then I felt his warm fluid fill my mouth. I tried to swallow it all, but there was so much that it leaked out the sides of my mouth. It didn't taste very good, but it was from Tony. I pulled up, to swallow, then went back down on him while he let out low moans and gripped my head. I kept going until his hands held my head still.
      I moved off. There was semen dripping down the sides onto my hand. I licked that off. Hmm, it doesn't taste so bad now. I went up and licked a drop on the head. He jumped.
      "Ben! It's real sensitive."
      I sat up and just held his penis. We kissed.
      "That was wonderful," he said.
      We kissed for a while and he had his hand on my crotch.
      I saw a car pull up behind us.
      "Tony! There's a car behind us."
      "Oh shit," he said. I helped him pull his pants up. While he was buckling, I remembered to zip up. I saw red and blue lights start flashing.
      "It's a cop!" I said.
      We separated to the ends of the seat. A shadow moved up beside the car. A light flashed at the fogged up windows. Oh great! Fogged up windows!
      He knocked on the window. Tony rolled it down.
      "Why are you here? Do you have car trouble?" he asked.
      "We were just talking. Going home after a party," said Tony.
      He looks in with a glare and shines the flash light in my eyes.
      "Your license," he said to Tony.
      Tony got it out and gave it to him. He took it back to his car, mumbling to himself. I thought I heard him say "pukes."
      Tony looked at me.
      "It'll be OK," he said as he reach out to smooth my hair down. "He's probably just making sure the car's not stolen."
      I nodded and took over straightening my hair.
      He came back.
      "Can you both get out please," he said.
      Now what.
      "Over here," he motioned with the flash light. "Hands on the car."
      I went around the front of the car and put my hands on the hood. Tony put his hands on the roof of the car. The cop frisked him. Patting down his sides and legs. The he came over to me and did the same. I started trembling.
      "OK," he said to Tony. "Let's see you walk along the shoulder stripe."
      Tony walked along it. Oh, a drunk driving test. The cop had him touch his nose multiple times, with his eyes closed.
      "OK. You two can get back in."
      After we got in. He leaned over at the window.
      "It's not safe for you to park here at night. Now get your faggot asses home.
      I froze my face. He's not going to see any reaction from me! Tony nodded. When the cop walked away, Tony quickly started the car and drove away. I was really trembling now. Tony reached over and held my hand.
      "Do you think he really knew?"
      "I don't know Ben." He squeezed my hand.
      "I'm sorry I asked you to park."
      "Well, I'm not Ben! What we did was wonderful. What you did, I mean. If we were a guy and girl, he wouldn't have hassled us as much."
      Maybe not. I don't know.
      "Anyway, I didn't want our first time to be like that," he said.
      "Me neither. But there will be other times Tony." I looked at my watch. 12:05. We're already late getting me home. There really isn't time to do more tonight. Then I thought back to what we did.
      "Gee, I didn't know you were uncircumcised," I said, grinning at him.
      He glanced at me. "You don't mind?"
      "Are you kidding? It's really cool. I'd never seen one up close."
      "It tastes good too," I said
      He started laughing, "Oh man, I thought you were a prude. Now I find out you're a little pervert."
      "Only with you," I said firmly. I squeezed his hand. He squeezed back. I let go and scooted over a bit, so that I could put my hand on his thigh, up high, close to where I really wanted to touch him. Ah, it's so nice to be able to touch him anywhere and not worry about leading him on. He put his hand on mine. I think to make sure I don't move it higher. I looked at him. He had a big grin on his face. He's so cute!
      We were quiet the rest of the way to my house. There was no way I was going to bring up the 'girl' topic again. He pulled up to our driveway and turned the car off. Sigh. I have to go. We have to be apart.
      I unbuckled, and moved over to hug him. His hands were stroking my back. Then his left hand moved to my side and my chest. I moved back to look into his eyes. He moved his hand down, over my stomach, and put it firmly between my legs. I didn't jump or flinch. He was studying my reaction. I just closed my eyes and leaned towards him and laid my head on his shoulder. He moved his thumb over my dick, which was getting hard, and his fingers cupped my balls. Darn it's getting caught up in my underware and hurting. I pulled back from Tony a bit, and reached into my pants to move my dick up straighter.
      Tony chuckled. "Uncomfortable?"
      "Better now," I said.
      I moved to kiss him. He took his time. Things seem so much calmer now. I reached down and held my hand between his legs too. He pulled me in closer and he probed with his tongue. I trembled. The feeling was building, but it was different. I was used to it without him stimulating my penis. It is almost a distraction. Weird. The wave of pleasure didn't build this time. I broke the kiss and hugged him. I felt depressed. Things are already different. But he still feels wonderful. I sighed.
      "I better be going. We're already late," I said.
      "I know, sweetie."
      I put my hands on his face and stroked his cheeks, and his hair, while I looked into his eyes. He is giving me such a tender look.
      I whispered, "Good-night hot-stuff."
      "Good-night lover-boy." His thumb gave my dick a rub. That made me jump. I giggled. I gave him a quick kiss and hug and moved to get out. He let his hand slid over my thigh as I move away. Sigh.
      I got out and stood in the driveway until he drove off. I looked at my watch. 12:25. More than a little late now. I went into the house. Mom was still up.
      "Sorry I'm late," I said.
      "Well it's not too bad. I saw Tony drive up about 15 minutes ago.
      "Did you have a good time," she asked.
      "Yes it was fun. We danced and talked to people."
      She yawned. "Good. I'm sleepy. How about, telling us about it in the morning?"
      "OK. Night, Mom."
      "Good night."
      What a night! I went to bed and thought about the night. Tony and I dancing in front of maybe forty people. Tony kissing me in front of quite a few people. So much for hiding. Maybe the party was not a good idea. If word gets out now, there will no way of denying it now. Sigh. There's nothing we can do about it. We'll just have to trust that the people there really will keep quiet.
      But the best part was playing with Tony! Wow! I always wondered what a fore-skin was about. But mainly the feeling of him cumming in my mouth was wonderful. It didn't matter that it didn't taste good. Now that we've gone this far, we're going all the way. Nothing is holding me back now. The only question is can we do it at home? Or do we have to find some other place to be alone? I remembered the cop. I shuddered. Let's try for home then. Hmm, Mom had said if I could talk about having sex without being embarrassed, then it would be OK. So I can just try asking them then.

      During breakfast, Sunday morning, Dad asked me how the party went. I told them that it was really fun. There was dancing and snacks. And Dave has a girlfriend, Patty. She's nice. Mom did a double-take at that news. Maybe she's hoping that would happen to me too. I also told them that we met another gay couple. Girls named Sue and Jan. Everyone there didn't seem bothered by us. There was some staring, but there didn't seem to be any hostile reactions. Of course I didn't tell them about the make-out stuff, or about the cop.
      Dad commented that it sounded like I was making some new friends. I agreed and said that we might get together next Saturday. Another party? he asked. No. I had to explain that they only have the party about once a month. We were planning on going to a movie.
      I almost asked to if Tony could sleep over, but I didn't want to ask both of them together, and Cathy was there.
      Dad went out to the garage. Cathy went to her room. And Mom was clearing the table and started washing the dishes. OK maybe now.
      I carried some dishes into the kitchen. Mom was at the sink washing.
      "You know, I was thinking," I started, "you had said that I should wait if it was too embarrassing to talk about. Well Tony and I have waited and I'm not embarrassed to say that I want to make love with Tony." She didn't seem to hear me. OK, I'll add more.
      "I'd like to sleep with him and feel him put his penis in..."
      "Ben!" she said sharply. "That's enough," she said more quietly.
      She turned around. Her face was red. "Let's go sit down."
      She wiped her hands off on the dish towel as she lead us into the dining room. We sat down.
      "What you're talking about is personal. It's between you and Tony. I didn't mean for you to describe, in detail, what you want, to get permission."
      She sat looking away.
      "I should apologize Ben, for what I did when Dave came over here. I didn't have to confront you when I did. It must have been embarrassing for you and Dave. I meant to embarrass you, but I can see now that it's something that should be kept private."
      "It's OK Mom. Things seem to be working out." Hmm, get her while she's feeling guilty? She just looked at me. It's not right. But I want Tony so bad. Ben, you're going to miss your chance, say it!
      "So, can Tony spend the night sometime?" I asked. Darn, did I say it too quietly. She didn't say or do anything. Did she hear me?
      I looked down, I can't ask again. Even if she says no, we'll figure out a way. He has a car, after all. We just need to find a place where the cops won't show up. Hmm, I could mention the cop incident. Nope. Then I'd have to explain why and where we were parked.
      "OK Ben," she said, "I'll discuss it with your father."
      All-right! That's almost a yes.
      "Thanks, Mom."
      She got up and stroked her hand across my hair. I looked up and she had a sad kind of smile. Then she went back into the kitchen. What was that about? Now I just need to wait. Maybe I can wait a day, before mentioning it again.

      After dinner, on Monday I was helping clear the table.
      "Your Dad and I talked about Tony spending the night," she said. "And he said it was OK with him. But not on a school night. So he can stay over on any Friday or Saturday night."
      Yes! All-right! "Thanks Mom." I was really grinning. Already I was starting to think about what I'll tell Tony. "Uh, would this Saturday be OK?"
      "Sure. Your Dad and I can go out that evening and you know Cathy won't be around."
      "That sounds good! I need to ask Tony, to see if he's free then."
      Ah but when. I could tell him over the phone. But I want to see his face. Actually I want to do more than that.
      He called later that night. I couldn't hold it in.
      "What are you doing Saturday night?" I asked him.
      "I thought we were going to a movie with, Dave, Patty, and her friends."
      "Yes, but what about after the movie?"
      "Well I could come over to your place for a while."
      "What about after that?"
      "Ben what's going on? You want to continue what we started in the car?"
      "Of course, but how would you like to continue, in my room, all night?"
      "Uh, OK. But what about your parents?"
      "They said it's OK for you to spend the night. I asked them."
      Tony gasped. "You asked them! They know what we're going to do?"
      "Well not in detail, but I'm sure they can guess we won't be sleeping the whole time."
      "I don't believe this."
      "So, are you going to see if you can spend the night on Saturday?"
      "Oh sure, what am I going to say? 'Can I sleep over at Ben's on Saturday?' Then they'll ask, 'Why? What's wrong with your bed?' 'Well it doesn't have Ben in it, for one thing!'
      I busted up laughing. "Oh, I dare you."
      "I'm serious Ben. What can I say?"
      He's right. "I guess you are a little old for a sleep-over," I said.
      "We've got to come up with something," I said. Think Ben. Let's see he drank too much alcohol, so shouldn't drive. Nope. I haven't known him to drink, he would get into trouble for drinking, and that would only work as an excuse that night. Hmm. He was partying or watching movies on TV at my place, until very late, so he's too tired to drive home. Nope. Another last minute excuse. Hmm. My parents were going to be gone Saturday night and he would keep me company. Well Mom said they would go out that evening. That's almost true. Ah, half-truths tend to work well.
      "How about this Tony. My Mom said that they could go out that evening. Maybe you could say it would be for the whole night. And that you would stay with me to keep me company, because I'm so young."
      He laughed, "You? Young? That might work if you were 12 years old!"
      Hmm. "Well you could take a year off of my age. And you could mention that our house was burglarized, so I didn't like being alone."
      "That's starting to sound more believable," he said. "Remind me not to play poker with you. I would never know when you were bluffing."
      "Sure you would. You always seem able to read me. Besides," I whispered, "you will be poking me."
      "Oh man, Ben, uh, OK." He was sputtering.
      I laughed. He had to be blushing big time. "What's wrong Tony?"
      He coughed. "I'm not used to you talking like that."
      "Why is it making you hard." I don't believe I said that!
      "Oh Ben," he said groaning.
      "Do we have to wait till Saturday?"
      I sighed. "I don't see how else. My Mom said you could sleep over on any non-school night."
      "You're kidding. I can sleep over there on any Friday or Saturday night?"
      Oh my god! She did say that. This isn't just one time! Now I'm feeling hot.
      "Wow, that hadn't occurred to me! It sounds like you could. Oh wow!"
      "We'll have to make you a real trauma case to manage that," he said
      "Your parents aren't going to be able to go out every weekend night."
      "Oh, yeah. Well, we'll think of something."
      "This is so cool, Ben."
      I heard the phone muffled. "OK" I heard.
      "I have to get off the phone now. Talking too long I guess," he said.
      "Actually, I don't know how you can talk like you do, without anyone hearing," I said.
      "Well, my room is a long ways from the living room where my parents spend most of their time watching TV."
      "Well I'll talk to you later Ben."
      "OK, bye hot-stuff."
      "Bye lover-boy."
      The week dragged by. Dave called Tony and they planned what movie we would go see and when we would go. They figured it would be fun to go for pizza before the movie. I told Tony that it did sound like fun, because we were going to Shakeys Pizza, where they have old Laurel and Hardy movies playing.
      Tony picked me up at 5pm on Saturday. Mom and Dad told us to have a nice time and that they wouldn't be back till real late, probably after 2am. Nothing was said about Tony spending the night. Whew. It was embarrassing for me to talk about it. As we drove there I kept looking at Tony. Tonight's the night, I kept thinking. He had obviously showered just before coming over, because his hair was still slicked back and wet. But I could see the curly locks starting to spring out as it dried.
      After looking at him for the tenth time, he said "What? Is there a spot on my shirt?"
      "No. I'm just looking at how handsome you are."
      "Who Me? You're the cute one Ben," he said, glancing at me. He put his hand out and stroked my cheek. Mmm, he really knows how to make me feel good. I took his hand and held it to my cheek for a moment, then I turned and sucked on the tip of his index finger, licking the tip. Tony looked at me surprised. He yanked his hand away, back to the steering wheel.
      "Whoooh!" He jerked the car back into our lane.
      "Sorry," I said.
      "That's OK. Man, you're one horny dude!"
      I chuckled. But I noticed he keep both hands on the wheel the rest of the way there. That was probably a safe move.
      He parked and we walked in to Shakeys. It was dim as we looked around for the others.
      "There's the love-birds," I hear Dave yell out. Jeeze Dave, spell it out for everyone here! Actually, there was only one other group of people in here, and they seemed to be having a party.
      We went over to their table. I saw Patty was glaring at Dave. He was ignoring her look. Sue and Jan were sitting across from each other as were Dave an Patty. They separated, so Tony and I sat in the middle, across from each other too. Hmm, boy, girl, boy. We almost looked like three straight couples.
      "So, what were you doing, when the cop pulled up behind you?" Dave said to me. Oh god, I thought this was going to be fun.
      "Oww," Dave said, looking at Patty.
      I looked at Tony.
      He looked at me. "I didn't tell him anything. Just that a cop hassled us when we parked."
      I smiled at him and nodded. Tony rubbed his foot beside mine.
      "So what happened Ben?" Sue asked.
      "Oh, not much. We were making out and a cop pulled up behind us," I said. "He frisked us and gave Tony a drunk driver test."
      Sue was shaking her head.
      "What are you doing Tony? Ben keeps squirming," asked Jan.
      "His hands are on the table," chuckled Sue. "Where's his foot?"
      Jan looked. "He's only touching Ben's foot."
      "That's nothing. Watch this," said Tony. "Take your off your shoes Ben."
      "You'll see."
      Sigh, he's up to something. I took my shoes off. Tony took his off too. He started rubbing my feet with his feet. It felt relaxing. He just looked at me and smiled. OK I'll stare back. He tried the underside of my foot. I'm not ticklish there, so it felt good. I grinned back at him.
      "Oh, I forgot something," Tony said. He took my right hand with both of his hands. He stroked the palm. He was rubbing my foot in sync. with my hand. Mmm, that feels nice.
      "Guess where I'm spending the night?" Tony asked them. He kept rubbing my hand and feet. I was getting warm.
      "Where?" asked Patty.
      "In his bed," he said, looking at me still.
      "No way!" said Dave.
      Tony nodded, grinning at me.
      I felt my face flush. I lost my grin. I shivered. He was stroking my hand in rhythm to my trembling. This is turning me on. Oh! That's what he's doing!
      "OK, I give," I said, looking away from him and pulling my hand away. I didn't realize he could do that to me so easily.
      "Wow!" said Sue.
      Dave scratched his head and shrugged. "I don't get it. It just looked like he was about to cry."
      Patty just shook her head at him.
      Tony was still touching my feet with his.
      "You OK Ben?" Tony whispered to me.
      I looked at him. He had a concerned look. He was probably afraid that I was upset with him. I smiled at him and nodded.
      "I'm fine," I said. I rubbed his feet with mine.
      Patty leaned over and whispered something in Dave's ear.
      "You're kidding." he said. He was giving me a surprised look.
      "OK, my turn," I said to Tony.
      He just chuckled. "Sure." He held out his hand.
      I took it and started stroking the palm of his hand and his feet. We looked at each other. He was just grinning at me. I could tell that he was determined that I would not have any effect on him. OK! I moved my right foot up between his legs. He got a surprised look and squirmed when my foot pressed at his crotch and I moved my toes onto where I thought the top of his dick was. The girls started giggling.
      "Hey! He's cheating," said Dave. "His foot is in Tony's lap!"
      We all busted up laughing then. I kept my foot pressing on Tony, because I could feel his hard dick now. He pressed forward at my foot while we laughed. I rubbed the top of it with my toes. He pulled his hand from me and grabbed the edge of the table.
      "Uh, Ben!"
      "Yes Tony?" I said as I wiggled my toes some more.
      "You little prick tease," he said smiling.
      I did a mock frown at him. "That'll be the last time you'll be able to say that. Wait till tonight!"
      Sue said, "I don't think they'll be able to make it through the movie."
      Oh crud. I moved my foot down. Two hours of only sitting next to Tony. I looked at Tony with raised eyebrows.
      "You still want to go Ben?"
      "To the movie?"
      "If you want to go, I'll be glad to go."
      "That's what I was going to say," said Tony.
      "Oh, come-on, go home and have some fun, you two. Forget the movie," said Patty.
      I started to get up.
      "Not now!" she said laughing, and pushing me back down. "Eat some pizza first."
      I laughed and pretended that I was only pretending to go. But I really was ready to go.
      Tony and I were not very sociable for the rest of the time there. The conversation was about rock groups, that I didn't know about or about movies, that I hadn't seen. Occasionally they would poke Tony and me to get us to pay attention. But that only worked for a few minutes. Finally the two pizzas arrived. Tony and I ate like we were starved. I only ate two pieces, but Tony ate like half of a large pizza.
      Finally Tony was done. He nodded to me and we made motions to go. We wished them a good time at the movie, and they wished us a good time. Dave whispered something to Tony, who nodded back at Dave. I decided I was not going to ask what Dave said. I had learned that lesson!
      We arrived at my house around 6:30pm. We went in to the main house, because I had to go to the bathroom. Mom and Dad were gone.
      "Would you like something to drink?" I asked Tony.
      "No thanks, I'm stuffed."
      "I have to make a pit-stop," I said.
      I went to the bathroom. As I sat there concentrating, I heard Tony turn the stereo on and search for a radio station. Guess I only needed to pee.
      I came out and heard that he had selected a quiet easy-listening kind of station. When I came into the room, he stood up.
      "Care to dance?" he asked.
      Seeing him standing there, just waiting for my reply, gave me such a strong feeling of love for him. I nodded and walked up to him. We held each other and only slowly moved to the music. I tried to hold him closer.
      "I love you so much Ben."
      "I love you too." I hugged him tighter.
      "I always want to be with you. I feel lost when you're not around," he said.
      I rubbed his back. Me too. I didn't feel like talking much. Just feeling him against me was enough for now.
      "I was thinking about college," he said.
      College! He's talking about leaving!
      "I couldn't go to one away from you," he said. Whew.
      "So I figured out a plan. I'll try to get into the UC here, or I'll go to a JC. Then we can pick a college that we can both go to when you graduate the next year."
      I hadn't even thought that far ahead. He's so thoughtful.
      "That sounds great," I said. "What are you thinking of majoring in?"
      "Something with chemistry. I'm not sure exactly. It doesn't matter too much the first year, because there's a number of general ed. classes that could be taken at any college."
      I nodded.
      "What do you think you want to do?" he asked me.
      Sigh. I want to make love to you Tony, not talk, right now. I shrugged.
      "I don't know. Maybe electrical engineering."
      "So we'll need to look for an engineering school," he said.
      I nodded. I pulled back to looked into his eyes. I moved my hands up and ran my fingers through his hair at the back of his head. He grinned at me.
      "OK, I know. Let's talk about this later," he said.
      I grinned back at him and move forward to kiss him. We started slow, but he then pressed in hard and we kissed like this would be our last kiss ever. He started licking at that spot, hard and fast. I was trembling in rhythm to him. He pulled back when he felt me relax after a peak. I hugged him tight.
      "I want to be with you forever," I said.
      "Then we will be," he replied.
      We stood there hugging and swaying to the music for a while. I was just thinking about how nice he felt. But I was getting tired of standing. When are we going to bed? Should I make the first move?
      "Would you like to go to my room now, Tony?"
      He rubbed my back and hugged me. "Sure."
      I held his hand and lead him to my room. This feels like a dream. After turning on the light and closing the door, I turned to him.
      "Now what?" He said, as he put his hand on my shoulders. I just looked up at him and started unbuttoning his shirt. He smiled and started on my shirt. I've never seen him without his shirt off. I got to the bottom button and pulled the shirt out of his pants to get the last button. He was slower on my shirt. I opened his shirt and felt his smooth white chest. He has very little chest hair. I felt and looked at his pecs. They look nice and firm. I saw his nipples. Wow! They are large and dark. Mine are small and pink. I moved my thumbs over them.
      He went, "Mmmm."
      I looked up at him. He was still concentrating on my buttons. I took over and pulled my shirt out, undid the last button, and took it off. He took his shirt off too. He stroked my chest. I started on his pants. I want to see him completely naked. He got my belt undone. I used my heels to take my shoes off. Tony sat down on the bed to take his shoes off. While he did that I took off everything, socks, pants, and underware. Tony paused to look at me, especially at my hard dick.
      "Hurry up Tony," I said. He really started moving now.
      I watched carefully as his took his pants off. Yup, he was hard. It was pointing straight up. I heard him chuckle. I looked up to see that he was looking at me.
      "Like what you see?" he said.
      I nodded, grinning. I moved up to him and hugged him. Wow, there is so much bare skin touching. He feels so warm and smooth. We started to kiss, but he stopped.
      He bent down, and put his arm behind my knees and picked me up in his arms. I put my arms around his neck. He turned and laid me on the bed. His strength impressed me. That gave me an idea, as he was moving onto the bed. He moved towards me, but I put my hand to his shoulder and held him back.
      He's giving me a confused look. I just smiled at him.
      "What's going on Ben?" he asks.
      "You know when you kissed me at the party and I made you stop."
      He looked away. "Yes. Are you saying we should stop?"
      I laughed. "No, but I just realized that I like you to be aggressive with me, but only when we're alone."
      He looked back at me. "Oh" He looked at my hand. He made a grab for it. I quickly moved it out of his reach. I'm not going to make it that easy. He started to lunge at me. I used my feet to push him off of the bed.
      He hung on to my foot to keep himself from going completely off.
      "Wait a minute Ben. I don't want to wrestle right now. One of us could get hurt."
      I looked disappointed.
      "Tell you what, I'll teach you how to wrestle, another time, so that we won't hurt each other." He was moving up onto the bed.
      "OK," I said.
      "But, I'm bigger than you, so I'll probably win most of the time."
      "Ah, but maybe that's what I want."
      He had climbed over me. I was on my back and he was sitting across my thighs.
      "Just when I think I have you figured out, you throw something new at me. You're one complex guy," he said to me.
      "That's one of the things I love about you." he leaned down and kissed me. He sat back up and looked down at me. I stroked his chest with my hands. He look down at my penis and took a hold of it with his hand. I moved my hand down to grab him. He pushed my hand away.
      "No, it's my turn now."
      He scooted down and licked the head of my dick. I couldn't help but put push up at him. He moved down and took more of it in. Wow, that's nice and warm. He moved up and down. I looked at him with his mouth around me. He was moving too fast, so I ran my fingers through his hair and held his head to slow him down. I jumped when he came up and licked and sucked on the head. He did that again. I groaned.
      He stopped and scooted up. I stroked his chest. He grabbed my wrists and held them down.
      "Got you now," he said.
      "Yes you do, and anything you want."
      He kissed me deep. Then he stopped and moved down to lick and kiss my nipples. It tickled, but didn't do much for me. Hmm, I guess every part of me isn't an orgasm zone. He moved down and sucked the head of my penis for a short time. Then he moved up and kissed me deep again, hitting my hot spot. He was still holding my arms. He moved his bare chest on me. I could feel his hard dick pressing against me. I've never felt so hot. Now I know where that term comes from. It wasn't just my face that was feeling hot, but my whole body was burning up. He pulled back from kissing.
      "Please Tony...," I said. Please let me go so I can touch your penis and get you so turned on that you'll fuck me.
      "Please what Ben?" he said smiling. He licked my lips. "What do you want Ben?"
      "You know."
      He just smiled at me. So I made humping motions, up at him, with my hips. He grinned more.
      "So what do you want?"
      "I want to feel you in me Tony."
      He just looked at me smiling, and he gave me a quick kiss. Then he sat up again and looked at me.
      "Please Tony..."
      He grinned. "Yes, Ben?"
      Ah, he wants me to beg for it. Maybe to get back at me for making him wait. OK, if he won't let me touch him, I'll get him hot with words.
      "I want to feel your hard penis in me." I pushed my hips up at him and tried to wiggle against him.
      He nodded.
      "I want to feel you sliding in and out of me."
      His smile was fading and being replaced by a look of lust.
      I whispered, "I want you to fuck me Tony. Please fuck me. I want to feel you cum in me." He is breathing more heavily, and he's pushing himself into my crotch.
      "Now Ben?" he asked. He's hesitating. Why?
      "Don't you want to Tony?"
      "Yes, ever since I first saw you Ben. But I don't want to hurt you."
      "I'll let you know if you do."
      "I've never done it before," he said. "Dave made it sound so easy, but tonight he told me to be careful, to go slow. So I'm trying to go slow."
      This is agonizing. I know Dave, he didn't mean make love slowly, he meant, push it in slowly at the start. No wonder Tony is taking his time. It's great, but I can't wait any more.
      "I think he meant, when you push into me, to go slow at the start so that I can relax."
      His eyes got wide. "Oh."
      "I really do want you," I said.
      "OK, what do we do," he said. Now he seemed to be getting excited again.
      "Well, there's some vasoline on the night stand. And a towel."
      He looked over there, then back at me.
      He let go of my arms and rolled me over. Huh? How does he know this is the position I would want? Oh, Dave had told him 'details.' Tony reached over and grabbed the jar of vasoline.
      He scooped a glob out of the jar. He put his hand on my left cheek and pulled it to the side. He put the vasoline right on my hole. He smoothed it around with his fingers. The tip of a finger pushed in a little. I pushed back.
      "Yes," I whispered. I closed my eyes and focused on his finger sliding in me. I pushed back onto his finger. I was tight. He moved it around. I tried relaxing.
      "Try two fingers Tony."
      He pushed another one in beside the first one. Ah, now I can feel myself relaxing.
      "I'm ready Tony."
      "OK Ben." He took his fingers out. "Should I put some on me too."
      I just laid there and felt him move on my thighs, while he added vasoline onto himself. Any minute now and he's going to be in me.
      "OK, ready?"
      I nodded. He put his knee between my legs. Oh yeah. I spread my legs apart. I felt his penis move into my crack. He moved it up and down, till it was on my hole.
      "Is that it?" he asked.
      "Yes," I whispered and nodded. This is it. I pushed back onto him and I tried to push out hard so that I would be relaxed. He moved forward and the head popped in. "Ouch!" I jumped.
      "Are you OK," he asked.
      "It hurts a bit," I groaned. "Maybe pull out, then go in again."
      He pulled out and started to get off of me.
      "No Tony, put it back in, now. Please."
      He moved back and pushed in slower. I just concentrated on relaxing and forced myself to not push up to him. Now he slid in slowly. Ah, that feels good. Now I pushed my hips up to get more of him in me.
      "That feels good now Tony. Keep going."
      He slide in more until I felt his belly against my butt.
      "Oh Ben, you feel so good."
      He laid down on me. His weight made me feel secure and safe. And he was so warm. He pushed into me with short humping motions.
      "Oh yes, Tony," I whispered, "fuck me." He started moving in and out more. He held my bent arms to my sides and held my hands.
      "I want to make this last Ben. You feel so good."
      I couldn't talk any more. I just concentrated on the feeling of him moving in and out. I concentrated on his breathing and his rhythm. I could feel him push in hard, then stop to get control. Then he would go some more. He was starting to sweat. I was too.
      He put his mouth to my ear. I heard his heavy panting.
      "I love you Ben," he whispered loudly in my ear.
      "I love you too," I said, while pushing my hips up to meet his thrusts. He was going faster now, and not pausing. I was feeling the waves of pleasure building in me. What will push me over? He's breathing, his weight on me, his slippery body moving on my back as he squeezes my arms to my sides. That's it! I concentrated on his body sliding on my back and his thrusting in and out of me. I was trembling now. He was noticing and thrusting in rhythm to my trembling, or was I matching his rhythm? Stop thinking Ben, and just feel him. I concentrated more. That's it, I felt the wave of pleasure hit and the roaring in my ears.
      I was still trembling from that orgasm. Tony was still going. He was moving very fast now. I felt more waves of pleasure, but I wanted to feel when Tony came. He was now kind of grunting and really pushing into me hard. It felt so good. Oh wow, I'm cumming! Really cumming, because I could feel the sperm shooting out of me. Tony pushed in deep and kept pushing in with sharp thrusts. Ah, he must be cumming. He went rigid on my back. I felt his penis throbbing in me.
      He collapsed on me, limp and breathing heavily. Ah, this moment is almost as good as any orgasm. I just laid there feeling him breathing on me. Our bodies were dripping wet. My ass felt nice and warm. I grinned, that well-fucked-feeling was there. I trembled with the feelings.
      "Mmmm, 'you OK Ben?" Tony asked. He was still a little out of breath.
      "I feel wonderful Tony."
      He started to pull out. "No! Please stay in me a little longer."
      "OK, lover-boy." He kissed my neck. "I'm not too heavy on you?"
      "No you feel great.
      "So, am I a good lay?" I asked.
      "Oh, Ben. That question seems so crude now. A few weeks ago, this would have only been about that. Uh, me getting my rocks-off. I'm glad we waited, because I found out that I really care about you and want to make you feel good."
      "I care about you too, Tony."
      I felt him start to move in and out of me a little. "Are you going to do some more?"
      "If you want me to? I might be able to manage it."
      "Are you kidding? You can fuck me as much as you want Tony. You feel so good in me and on me."
      "Did you cum?" he asked. I felt him get harder and start to push in and out more.
      "Oh yes, twice. Just before you came in me. And I shot too!"
      "You really are hot-stuff Ben. I don't want to wear you out though."
      I chuckled, "Wear me out! You're the one doing all the work!"
      "I'll take this kind of work any time!" he replied, thrusting in deep.
      I moaned in reply. He was going slower now. I could tell he was trying to hold back before, now I could tell he was going to take longer this time. I relaxed under him and concentrated on feeling his heat and movement in me. I found myself pushing back in rhythm to his thrusts. He amplified this, by pushing into me with the rhythm of my trembling. The orgasm wave hit fast this time. White intensity. His thrusting brought me back though. Each thrust was causing kind of intense mini orgasms now. Oh I love him so much. I started crying now.
      "Ben, I'm I hurting you?" he asked. He paused.
      "No Tony," I gasped out. "You just feel so good." He started moving again. A bit slower though. I concentrated again. The conversation with Patty creeped in. 'giving-in, opening up.' Had I done that completely? It sure felt like I had. I tried concentrating on feeling Tony, responding to his movements. Oh god, that is more intense. I imagined that I could feel his thoughts and feelings of pleasure as his penis slid in and out of me. My slick body under him. The feeling of me responding to his thrusts so intimately. A wave was building again. This one was going to be big. The feeling was starting at the back of my neck and spreading out like a heat wave. I've got to let Tony know how wonderful he's making me feel.
      "You're going to make me cum again," I gasped. He thrust in harder and faster. A wave of heat was moving quickly up my back. I felt his chest rubbing on my back between my shoulder blades. The waves of pleasure merged there and I went rigid with my orgasm. I couldn't feel anything but the pleasure. I was holding my breath and intensifying it. Then Tony's thrusting in me brought me back. He was moaning and panting now. Again I felt him push in hard and spasm on me. He then quickly relaxed on me. He lay there panting for sometime. I just laid there and felt like he was so much a part of me.
      Darn, he is starting to feel heavy on me. But I loved feeling his warmth and our sweat, so I'll put up with it for a while more. I felt him getting soft in me. He moved a bit and he slipped out. Whew. Actually that feels better now. But I still can't wait till the next time.
      "Would you like to take a shower Tony?"
      "Hmm," he said, "sure, I guess we are all sweaty." He rolled off of me. Brrr, now it's cold with the drying sweat.
      Tony looked where I was laying and moved his hand across the sheet. "The sheet is soaking wet," he said. He smelled his hand. "And it all isn't sweat," he said, laughing.
      I laughed too. I looked at his penis. It was soft, about three inches long now, with the fore-skin hanging off the end. I want to lick it, but not right after where it's been. Yuck. I need to remember to clean him with lots of soap there.
      I got up. Now what to wear? I could get dressed to go into the house or maybe I can find my robe to wear. I looked in my closet. What's this. Two white robes? I pulled them out.
      "I don't believe this!"
      "What?" said Tony.
      "His and His robes! I guess the bigger one is yours." I handed him the the longer white robe.
      "I don't believe my Mom got us these!"
      "I guess they know exactly what we're doing," he said, chuckling.
      We went into the house.
      "Let's use the shower in my parent's room," I said, "it's a little bigger."
      I got the water temperature adjusted and we got in. Mmm, we just stood in the water hugging for a while. He let go and grabbed the bar of soap.
      "Here, let me wash you." He stood in the water and had me face the wall. He used both his hands to soap up my back and arms. He lifted my arms and soaped there. That tickled. He moved lower and spent quite a lot of time between my legs. His fingers felt good around my hole. I was getting hard. He pushed a little bit of a finger tip in. The soap burned. I pulled away.
      "The soap burns a little, on the inside," I said.
      "Sorry." He turned me around. "Looks like you didn't mind too much," he said, as he grabbed a hold of my half hard dick. He soaped it up and got it real hard. He moved to my balls and one hand moved under to massage my hole again. I gasped and put my hands on his shoulders to keep my balance. I pushed into his hand stroking me.
      "Would you like me to make you cum?" he asked.
      "Sure, but can I play with you too?" I looked down and saw that he was pointing straight out.
      He nodded, but I was already reaching for it. I pulled the skin all the way down to expose the head. It was really red, compared to the rest of his penis. Oh yeah, I need to clean it good. I grabbed the bar of soap from the soap dish and rubbed soap all over my hands and then I slid my soapy hand over his now very hard cock. He jumped when I went over the head with my hand.
      "Wow, that's really sensitive, Ben."
      "Right here?" I asked as I went quickly over the head.
      He gasped. "Yes!"
      He did that to me. I jumped a little, but I liked it.
      "More," I whispered.
      "You like that?"
      He moved his hand up and down, being sure to go over the head. I moved my hand so that I was moving his fore-skin up and down over his penis head. I was cupping his balls and playing with them. Tony moved his hand over my hole. I concentrated on that. We both started moving faster with our hands.
      "Ah, here it come Ben." I could feel his cock get really hard. I moved my hand over the head to make it extra intense. He jerked forward. I aimed him at my dick. His first squirt hit my stomach. I aimed lower. The next one hit right on my dick head. Well it couldn't miss, since they were almost touching now. I looked at his face. His head was back and his eyes were shut tight. His whole body was ridged as he jerked and squirted out more semen. Then he relaxed.
      "Ahhh. That was really intense!" he said. I moved my hands up to massage his chest. He started moving his hands on me again.
      "OK, your turn Ben." He got more soap from the bar. He stroked me and his other hand played with my balls. I took that hand and moved it to behind me. I was turned sideways to him and he slid his fingers into my crack to massage my hole. I pushed back and found I wanted to concentrate on that hand more then the one stroking me. He found the rhythm to my jerking and I knew it wouldn't be long now. He stopped moving his hand at my rear. No! What'll I do? I was almost there. I reached down and put my hand on his and moved his hand on my rear.
      "Oh, you like that," he said.
      I nodded. "Lots!" And I pushed back at his massaging hand. He pushed a finger tip in. Ahh, who cares if it burns a little. He found the rhythm again. That's it here it cums. I felt the cum shoot out.
      "Ahh" I gasped. He went faster on the back and front. That intensified the next spurts. I relaxed and he stopped and moved his finger out. Yeow, that really burns now. I turned and hugged him.
      I felt the water start to get cooler. Oh well, time to finish up. I moved away from him and turned the cold water down so it felt warmer.
      "Your turn now," I said to him.
      I grabbed the soap and turned him to the wall.
      I soaped up his back and arms and under his arms. He jumped when I cleaned under his arms, but he raised them higher. He didn't seem to be ticklish though. Hmmm, that's interesting, he seems to like it. I moved down to soap up his butt. Wow a nice firm butt of a runner. Should I do what he did to me? Why not. I slid the soap bar and my fingers between his cheeks. Then I felt around for the hole. There it is. There was lots of hair around it. He relaxed and pushed back a little.
      "Having fun?" he asked.
      I chuckled. I don't think he wanted me to do much more right now. I stopped and turned him around to soap up his chest. I went under his arms again. I looked at his face. Wow, he does like it. I moved down to soap up his dick again. He jumped. Still sensitive I guess. OK time to rinse off. We both moved under the spray and rubbed the soap off of each other. I left his fore-skin pulled down when I was finish. I liked looking a the red head. But he pulled it back down when I turned the water off. I guess it's more comfortable that way.
      We dried each other off and practically ran back to my room. We jumped onto the bed. Yeow, cold wet spot! I laid a towel over the wet area. I didn't want to go back into the house for a clean sheet.
      We laid on our sides just looking at each other. I reached down and held his penis. He smiled at me. I pulled the fore-skin back. Hmm, I have to lick it.
      "Uh Ben, play with that too much and well..."
      "You promise?" I said as I lick the head, then went down on him. He groaned.
      "Ben," he gasped, "it's still sensitive." I stopped and sat up, still holding his penis which was hard now.
      "Sorry," I said, grinning. I moved his fore-skin up to cover his sensitive head. He sighed. I moved it back down, then up again.
      I giggled. "I just like playing with you." I let go and moved my hands up to massage his smooth chest. He rolled onto his back and sighed, putting his arms up behind his head. Mmmm, I looked at his large bicep muscles and the hair in his arm pits. I moved my right hand up his side and across the hair in his arm pit. He gasped and move his arms down quickly.
      "Did that tickle?" I asked.
      "What then."
      "Let me try again." I moved his arm up again. I held his elbow with my left hand and moved my right hand across his arm pit. He moaned. I looked at his face. His eyes are closed tight and his face is getting red. This is turning him on!
      "Wow, Tony, I think I've found a hot spot on you!"
      He opened is eyes and nodded grinning.
      Hmm, we showered and washed everywhere, so there shouldn't be any deodorant there. I leaned down and put my lips in his arm pit. He jumped. I took a cautious whiff. He smelled only of soap. I licked some with my tongue. He really jumped and groaned. And he brought his arm down quickly. I giggled and continued licking at the top of the crease between his arm and his side. I pushed my tongue into it. He tried to push my head away with his free hand. I reached up and put my thumb in his other arm pit.
      "Ahh, Ben, stop," he gasped, "I can't take it. It's tickling now."
      I stopped and looked up at him.
      "Wow, is that like what my kissing does to you?" he asked. "If it is, I won't do that again."
      "I don't know if what you felt, is like what I feel," I said. "But it doesn't tickle me. And you better not stop doing it." I stretched out on him and put my hand on either side of his face an looked in his eyes.
      "OK, OK," he said, grinning.
      I kissed him, pushing my tongue deep into his mouth. He hugged me tight. He pushed his tongue into my mouth now. I relaxed on him. He rolled over on top of me. Ahh, now that really feels nice. He was rubbing his bare chest against me and kissing me hard, with his tongue hitting right on the spot. The wave of pleasure was building again. I started trembling. Tony started to lick in rhythm to the trembling. Wow, he really is in tune with me. The roaring sound and white-out hit fast. It felt like I was merging with his soul.
      Then it stopped. Tony was beside me, stroking my chest. I was gasping for air. I opened my eyes and saw he was on his side propped up on one elbow looking at me, smiling.
      "Do you know how cute you look, especially just after you've cum?" he said.
      I took a deep contented breath, and close my eyes, smiling, as more after shocks of pleasure hit. They are minor, but feel nice. His hand on my chest feels good.
      I rolled over to my side and put my arm on his side and opened my eyes to look at him.
      "Did I tell you how wonderful you make me feel?" I said.
      He smiled at me and nodded. We just lay there looking at each other. It's like I'm trying to memorize his face. I closed my eyes for a moment then opened them.
      "You look sleepy," he said.
      "Mmm, I guess I am, but I can stay up for more, if you want," I said.
      "Oh man, I thought for sure I'd finally wore you out! You're just a horny love machine Ben!"
      I laughed at that, and rubbed his side. He rolled back on top of me and gave me a quick kiss.
      "Let's sleep lover-boy. We can do this most anytime we want now."
      I nodded.
      He got up and turned off the light. He got back in bed and we pulled the covers up over us. He had me roll on my side away from him, and he snuggled up to my back, with his arm around my chest. I sighed.
      "Good-night Tony, I love you."
      "I love you too. Night." He kissed the back of my neck and hugged me. I shivered. He chuckled and rubbed my chest. I felt him relax.
      As I fell asleep with Tony snuggled up to my back, I thought of how wonderful making love to him felt. Then doubt. Would he stay, now that he got what he wanted? Am I enough, or what he really wants? You can't know that Ben. Only time will tell. OK, I'll think about that later. I went back to thinking about how nice he feels holding me. I listened and felt him breathing. I fell asleep to his breathing.
      I woke up feeling Tony snuggled behind me again. I remembered waking a few times through the night. Rolling over to snuggle next to him, or him moving over to me. He arm was now around my chest and his thumb was stroking my nipple. I could feel his hard penis pressing in my crack and we were sweating a little with our combined heat. I stroked his arm and hand on me. He stirred. His hand moved across my whole chest now.
      "Mmm, good morning lover-boy."
      "Were you awake?" I asked.
      "Not for long."
      We laid there for a few minutes. I just thought about how nice he felt.
      He hugged me, "I love you Ben."
      "I love you too Tony."
      "I'll love you forever Ben." He squeezed me to himself tight.
      I squeezed my arm onto his arm around my chest and rubbed his hand. I couldn't reply, because I was so overcome with joy and tears. I wasn't going to be alone anymore.

Author's note: That's the end for now.
      A sequel is a possibility, since there are still some dangling plot threads. But I wanted to wrap up the main plot, before moving on to another project.
      Mainly this story this was a test for me, to see if I could write dialog, and to see if I could write within a scene/sequel story structure. Thanks for all the people who gave me encouragement and complements! It has really given me the confidence to tackle a novel that's been burning in my head for the last four years. So it may be a few months before I get to another story here. I knew that M/M Romantic fiction was a relatively new category, but some readers opened my eyes to how huge it is. It's clear that this could not have easily happened if it were not for the Internet, which connects readers almost directly to writers. So I'll be back; I'm hooked :-)
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