Learning About Love: Book 1

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Version: 2002/12/08

This fictional story contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts between the characters in it. Unsafe sex practices are depicted, because it is set in a time before the killer STD AIDS; always use a condom. Any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental. This story may only be electronically copied to free sites.

Author's note: Thanks for all the great e-mail! Mostly begging me to continue the story :-). The good news is, there will be a chapter 6, and it will be finished soon. The bad news is, that's because I cut chapter 5 in half, so that I could get this part to you now.

Chapter 5

      After the game, Dad and I went home. Our team won, 17 to 8. I told my Dad that Dave had invited Tony and me to a party tomorrow night. He asked if I knew where it was. No, but I had the address. Dave said that Tony would know more about the party that a guy, named Dennis, is hosting.
      Tony called about a half hour later, a little after 10pm. He sounded depressed. He said he could tell from the vibes of the other team members, that it wouldn't be much fun going out with them. He would rather see me anyway, so could he come over? Of course, I told him.
      He arrived around 10:30. My parents were watching TV and my sister was still out on her date. My Dad complimented him on a good catch and a great game. I told him how it was really fun watching the game live.
      After we stopped talking about the game, I told Tony about Dave's invitation to Dennis's party. He was surprised. When I asked what it was about, he asked for something to drink. Then he followed me into the kitchen. He told me quietly that it was strictly limited to invited people only. It was rumored that it was a make-out party, because only couples were invited. Also alcohol is not allowed. People have tried to crash the party, but the cops show up and break things up. That's about all he knows. It should be safe, but it's still strange that we'd be invited.
      I then asked Mom and Dad if I could go. They quizzed us about the party. We left out the make-out detail, but the no-alcohol and cops showing up seem to assure them, so they said OK.
      On the way back from the kitchen I had noticed that Tony was limping a little. I asked if he had hurt his foot. He said it was more in the thigh muscle, from running. I asked if he would like a massage. He resisted, but I insisted. He laid down on the floor and I massaged his legs. Man, he had huge thighs. My massaging seemed to work, because I could feel his muscles relaxing. The really fun part was when I sat on his rear and massaged his back and neck. He made nice groaning noises to let me know it felt good. I commented that I was amazed that he wasn't a mass of bruises, from the tackles that I saw. He said sometimes he is, but there was only one tackle tonight that was rough.
      A few minutes later, around 11:20, my parents were done watching the news, so they went to bed, telling us to not stay up too late.
      Tony rolled over, under me. I massaged his chest. That seemed to to turn him on, because I felt him getting hard under me. Or maybe it was because I was sitting on him there. We kissed some, but I could tell Tony was tired. So I mentioned that it looked like he was tired and that it would be OK for him to go home to bed.
      We made plans for him to pick me up at 7:30 to go to the party tomorrow. I fell asleep thinking about the football game.

      It's almost time for Tony to pick me up. I spent most of the day doing yard work. Raking leaves and mowing the lawn (again!). I thought about the party and how we should act. I'll talk with Tony on the way there. I figured we should act like two straight friends, until we figured out what was going on. Even if things are OK, we should still stay, low-key. I looked at a map to see how to get to the party. Since Tony was always driving us, I thought I would at least make it easier to get there.
      Tony arrived around 7:40. A little late, but it's probably not good to be the first ones at a party. I told Tony my ideas about how to act at the party. He agreed.
      When we got there, the whole block was full of parked cars, so we had to walk a block from where we parked. As we walked up to the large white two story house, we could hear loud music playing. Tony rang the door-bell. I hung back.
      The door opened with a blast of sound coming out. A tall skinny guy with medium length black hair, looked at us and scowled.
      "Yes? This is a closed party," he said, glaring at us.
      Tony nodded, "We were invited by Dave."
      "Dave who?"
      "Dave Harper."
      "Oh. What's your names?"
      "Tony and Ben"
      "Just a moment," he said, and he closed the door.
      "Hopefully Dave is here by now," Tony said to me.
      I nodded. This is starting to feel creepy though.
      The door opened after about a minute. Dave was there.
      "Tony, Ben, come on in," he said.
      "This is Dennis," he said, pointing to the tall skinny guy who had first opened the door.
      "Nice to meet you," we said.
      He kind of smirked back, "Nice to meet you two too.
      "I'll let you tell them the rules," he said to Dave. "Have fun," he said to us, and he disappeared into the dimly lit crowd of people dancing.
      A girl showed up at Dave's side, and grabbed his arm.
      "Oh, this is Patty," he said. "Patty, this it Tony and Ben."
      We nodded at her.
      "Let's go into the kitchen. It's quieter and you can get something to drink there."
      Dave lead us around the edge the crowd. I followed behind Tony.
      On the way there, I said, "Dave's got a girlfriend?" I was shocked.
      He shrugged. I guess he's not surprised.
      The kitchen had a swinging door, so it was a lot quieter. There was one other couple in the kitchen, which was huge. Dave went to a small table and the four of us sat down there.
      "I'm glad you guys could make it," Dave started.
      I just smiled and nodded.
      "What's this all about?" asked Tony. I chuckled inside, my always direct boyfriend.
      "First the rules," Dave smiled. "You can go most anywhere on the first floor of the house. You've seen the living room where the loud stuff goes. Then there's the family room, down the hall. It's quieter for, well, quiet activities. Upstairs is off-limits, unless you get permission directly from Dennis." He give us a wink.
      Oh, I'm sure, I'm thinking. "Where are the adults," I ask.
      Dave frowns. "Dennis's Dad is divorced. This is his house. So long as people follow the rules, and don't trash the place, then it's OK with him to throw these parties. His Dad does show up sometimes though.
      "There's a few more rules. No alcohol, or other drugs. Also only couples are invited. Usually that means male and female, but you guys are an exception."
      I felt my face get red. I looked at Patty to see her reaction to what Dave revealed about us. "Are we the only ones?" I asked.
      "No, there's a couple of girls, who are gay, here," Patty said to me.
      "Oh, yeah," Dave continued, "there's no telling anyone about what goes on here, or you won't be invited back. Also if there are any problems with people breaking the rules, Dennis calls the cops, and the party is over."
      "I don't understand. Why be so up-tight," said Tony. I nodded.
      "Well," Patty said, "mainly it's a place for couples to party, away from the drunk single guys that usually makes other parties so tense."
      "Why were you so insistent that we come here?" I asked Dave.
      "Well, people are still talking about Tony being gay, and I've overheard some guys, in the gym, talking about beating him up."
      I felt a twinge of fear. Tony just shrugged.
      Dave continued, "I think it's just talk, but after talking to Patty, she said it could help if more open-minded people, like those here, could meet you. Maybe they can help keep things quiet about you two, or at least keep other's from over-reacting."
      For some reason I don't think this is a good idea, but I'm not sure why. Hmm, we're essentially letting a bunch of people, who we don't know, know that we are gay. How do we know they're open minded? Ah, that's the problem.
      "How do we know the people here are open-minded?" I asked.
      Dave and Patty looked at each other. Dave shrugged. Great! They're not sure. I touched Tony's arm to get his attention.
      "Maybe we should leave," I whispered to Tony. "We don't know how accepting everyone is here."
      I think Patty heard part of what I whispered. She looked at me and said, "We can talk to Sue and Jan. Maybe they can let us know if they've had any problems since coming to these parties."
      So we all got up and headed back into the living room. The music was booming now. The room was dark enough so that it was hard to see people's faces on the other side of the room. As Tony and I passed by some people, we got a few stares. It looks like most everyone is paired up male/female, so we must stand out. Great! There must be some people talking in more same-sex groups. There's a group of guys over to the right, and there's some girls talking ahead. Whew. They're looking only because we're new here. Patty stopped at a stuffed chair on the other side of the room. A girl was sitting in the lap of another girl. Wow! The girl in the chair had short blond hair, while the other girl in her lap had shoulder length brown hair. They were looking at each other and talking, when Patty walked up. They both looked at her, and cupped their ears. Patty pointed to us. They nodded and got up.
      "This is Tony and Ben," I barely heard her say.
      "This is Sue," she said pointing to the blond girl, "and this is Jan."
      "Hi I'm Tony."
      "Hi, nice to meet you," I said, smiling at both of them.
      They both gave us a hug. Wow. That's nice.
      "Finally, someone else who can take the pressure off of us," said the blond girl. What was her name? Ah, Sue. Pressure? That doesn't sound good.
      "Actually that's what they were wondering about. Have you had more problems since coming here?" Patty asked.
      "No. I was kidding about the pressure. It's just that we stand out in this group, so it'll just be nice to have some company. Everyone is really nice to us, they just aren't sure what to say to us," said Sue, shrugging.
      "Why don't we sit down," she suggested.
      They sat down in the chair again with Jan on Sue's lap. Tony sat down on the couch next to the chair. He tried to pull me into his lap. No way, Tony. I sat down beside him.
      Sue smiled at me, but shook her head slightly.
      Patty sat next to me and Dave next to her.
      "I would not have told Patty to invite you two, if we did have problems," Sue explained. "It's nice to be at a party, sort of in public, and be able to just hug, with-out getting harassed."
      Yeah, I can relate to that, so I nodded. Tony put his arm around me and hugged me. I pulled back a little. Sigh, nice in theory. Old habits die hard.
      "When did you two start coming to these parties?" Tony asked.
      "The middle of summer," said Jan.
      "This is our fourth party. During the school year, there's only one party a month. But during the summer there could be two or three a month," said Sue.
      I was having a hard time hearing them with the loud music, so I sat back against Tony's arm. He rubbed my shoulder. I looked around. No one was really looking at us, so I relaxed into him a bit as I turned to look at Patty and Dave.
      "Nice party," I said, almost yelling to Patty, "A little loud though."
      She nodded, "The family room is much quieter. People don't talk much in there though."
      I nodded and smiled back at her joke.
      "So where did you and Dave meet?" I asked.
      "We're both in the orchestra. About two weeks ago, he finally caught my eye, and he asked me out."
      "What instrument do you play?"
      "The clarinet."
      I nodded. A dead-end topic for me. I like listening to classical music, but I know nothing about playing it.
      Dave said something to Patty. They talked for a while. I just sort of spaced out and listened to the music and watched the people dancing. It was just too loud to carry on a conversation, unless you were right next to the person you were talking to.
      A quiet slow piece of music came on. The gay girls got up and suggested we all dance. The others got up too. I stayed seated.
      "Come on Ben," Tony grinned, and grabbed my hand. I pulled back, shaking my head but smiling. The more talkative girl, Sue, grabbed my other hand and they pulled me up.
      "OK, OK," I said.
      Tony hugged me and we, started slow dancing. Thank goodness he wasn't doing the bump and grind into me! I looked around and saw a number of stares. No frowns, but a few raised eyebrows.
      The next piece was fast.
      "You ready?" Tony asked. Huh, Oh. He had moved away, and his hand slid down my arm till it caught my hand, then he pulled me to him with a twist, so that I spun up to him with his arm around me. Oh gee, here we go! The gay girls grinned at us and started swing dancing too.
      Now people are really looking at us! OK, at the end of this song, I'm quitting. Way to go Tony! I thought we were going to stay low-key!
      The music changed. I stopped and told Tony that I was thirsty. I headed for the kitchen. Whew, he followed. Dave and Patty followed too.
      We got more pop from the fridge. We talked to another couple and with Dave and Patty.
      "I don't believe you two are really gay," said the guy, "You act straight."
      "Didn't you see us dancing together?" I asked.
      "No." he shrugged.
      Dave grins. "So prove it Ben!"
      Tony wasn't paying attention, because he was talking to Patty and the guy's girlfriend. They were talking about rock groups that they liked.
      I waited for a pause. Then I whispered in Tony's ear. "I want you to kiss me."
      He looked surprised. "What, here?"
      I nodded towards the other guy looking at us. "Now."
      He glanced at the others, then he grinned back at me. "OK." I put my arms up around his neck. He started slow, well for about five seconds. Then he went in deep. I tried to block him with my tongue, but he was insistent, so I let him. He hit the spot and I pushed into him. When the wave passed, I pulled back, but he put his hand behind my neck and pushed me back up to him. I didn't respond as much this time, because I heard some people, yelling out "wow, you got to see this!"
      When he stopped I was still trembling and I held onto him to stay standing. I hid my face into his chest away from the people in the kitchen, but I saw there were a number of people looking in from the living room at us. Most were smiling and some were clapping their hands.
      "Wow Tony! I've never seen a kiss like that before," said Patty.
      "It's not me," said Tony, "he's the hot one!"
      I hugged him sharply. Quiet Tony, don't tell them everything! I want to be alone with him. This is too embarrassing. What was I thinking! I guess dancing with Tony loosened me up.
      Dave was laughing. "Now do you believe they're gay?" he said to the guy who questioned me.
      I pulled away, but still hung onto Tony. "Can we go sit down?"
      "Sure Ben."
      "We're going to go relax," Tony said to the others. He turned and took my hand to lead me out of the kitchen.
      "Have fun relaxing guys," Dave said. Oh brother, I rolled my eyes and looked at Patty. She nodded and slugged his arm. Hee, hee, she figured out what I was thinking.
      Tony took us through the dancing crowd in the living room. I tried to let go of his hand but he wouldn't let me. He took us to the family room, which was even dimmer than the living room. I waited for my eyes to adjust. There wasn't much space left. The two couches were full. All the chairs were full. There were two couples stretched out on the floor. Tony found an empty spot, on the floor, next to one of the couches. He sat down, then pulled me onto his lap. The couple near us stopped to look at us. I froze. They smiled at us and nodded, before they started making out some more, ignoring us.
      Tony rubbed my back. I looked at him. It felt like ages since I'd been able to look into his beautiful brown eyes. I sighed. He feels so good.
      "I love you Tony," I whispered into his ear. I put my hand on his chest and felt his nice firm pec muscles.
      "I love you too Ben," he said as he rubbed my back and hugged me closer to him. I just stayed there with my nose in his neck. My ears were still ringing from the loud music. This was so nice and relaxing after all that intense stuff in the other room.
      "You ready for another kiss," he asked.
      I pulled back to look into his eyes again. I nodded and stroked his cheek and moved my fingers through his dark curly hair. He kissed so softly this time. He moved his hands over my back and chest. I shivered. He broke the kiss and pulled back to look at me. We just grinned at each other, stroking our fingers through each other's hair. Tony squirmed under me.
      "Am I too heavy?" I asked.
      "Not yet, but we could shift around."
      "OK." What did he have in mind? He slide me over to the floor and laid down onto me. Mmm, this feels good. He put his hands on either side of my face.
      "You ready?" he asked.
      "I don't know Tony," I said. I wasn't ready to let loose here. The kitchen scene was almost too much. He kissed my lips and moved his tongue along them. He pulled back. I opened my eyes to look at him. He was studying my reaction. I smiled. So he continued. I felt myself getting hard. He pressed against me there. Then he went in deep with the kiss. I was responding, but I didn't want to do that here! I tried to turn away, but he held me there. I tried to shove him off of me but he wouldn't move. Stop Tony! I hit him on his back a little. Then I hit hard. He stopped.
      "What, the... Ben!" he sounded angry and was quickly moving off of me. I hung onto him, even though I was crying, trying to be quiet so others wouldn't hear. He rolled over so I ended up on top of him. I slid up so I could whisper in his ear. I took a deep breath to get control. His hands were at his sides. Oh crap, I can smell his anger and feel him tense under me. I like him to be aggressive with me, but it's too embarrassing.
      "I'm sorry Tony, it's too embarrassing for me here."
      "When won't it be embarrassing Ben!" he said angrily.
      "I'm sorry." I could feel him becoming more distant. I've got to make love to him soon. He's going crazy. And I don't want to loose him. But not here. I got control pretty quickly, because he was just laying there.
      "I have to go to the bathroom," he said to me coolly. I got off of him. He didn't even look at me when he got up and walked out of the room. I scooted back to the wall and next to the side of the couch. I put my arms around knees and put my head on my knees. Don't cry, don't cry, hold it down. Whew. I held it in. I tried to not think. A number of minutes passed. I listened to the music and the couples making out around me.
      "Are you OK Ben," a girl's voice said. I looked up and saw Patty. She sat down beside me. "I saw Tony. He looked, ang..., uh upset," she said.
      I nodded. She tentatively reached out to rub my shoulder.
      "Are you gay," I asked her. That just popped into my head.
      She shrugged. "I guess some would say I'm bi." She rubbed my back.
      "You want to talk?" she asked quietly.
      "Sure." I collected myself. OK not too much detail. I don't really know her. I looked at her.
      "What was Tony upset about?" she asked.
      "Well we were kissing and it was too intense for me, but he wouldn't stop, so I hit him. Not hard, but..." I'm always stopping him. I looked away, then looked back and shrugged.
      She nodded, "That kiss in the kitchen looked plenty intense. You left pretty quick. Was it embarrassing?"
      I nodded, "He always wants to do more and I'm always stopping him."
      "But why? Dave's said that Tony only talks about you when they talk. He told Dave that he's really in love with you."
      "I guess I'm afraid that's all we'll do, once we start."
      She laughed. "I'm sure! I've known guys who say they would like to make love all night. They might last ten minutes, if they really try."
      "Bet I could last an hour," I smiled.
      She rolled her eyes. "You guys are hopeless!
      "Well I can understand why you wouldn't want him to do more than kissing in here," she said.
      I nodded. She doesn't need to know more.
      "But that's all they were doing," said the girl at the end of the couch. "I was looking, sorry," she said to me.
      I just nodded at her and shrugged, but I felt my face flush.
      Patty was giving me a surprised look. I could tell she was getting ready to probe deeper. I needed to change the subject. I moved closer to Patty, away from the girl on the couch.
      "Do I know you from somewhere? You look familiar to me," I asked.
      She laughed, "I wondered if you had noticed. In the lunch yard quad, you would sit near where Jan, Sue, and I would usually sit."
      "Oh, now I remember the three of you! Everyone looks so different here."
      "We were wondering what was going on with you and Tony. He showed up one day, then the next week he's yelling at you. We realized then, that you both were probably gay, but it looked like we were seeing the end of your relationship. We wanted to talk to you, but when you showed up again at lunch, you seemed to not want anyone to approach you. Then I met Dave and he told me about you and Tony. That's when I said he needed to invite you two here, because Jan and Sue have told me, many times, how lonely it can be."
      "Wow! That's amazing," I said. "When you first saw Tony, that's when he asked me out."
      "Ah," she said.
      "How old are you?" I asked.
      "So you like younger guys?"
      "Oh, Dave?" she leaned over and whispered, "I think it's just sex between me and Dave." She sat back. "He's sweet, but he's not ready to commit to anyone."
      I nodded sadly and looked away.
      "He hurt you?"
      "Huh?" I said, looking back at her. What does she know?
      "Dave told me that he fooled around with you and Tony. It's OK with me."
      I relaxed. "He was my first."
      "Ah, so that's why there's tension between you two."
      We sat quietly for a few minutes. Amazing. There was a gay couple, right next to me all those times at lunch, and I never noticed. All of this talking about relationships and Tony was making me warm. Where's Tony? Has he left me here?
      "Did you see where Tony went?" I asked.
      "He was talking with me and Dave. That's why I came to you. He's probably still talking to Dave."
      "I hope he doesn't leave me here."
      "I don't think that'll happen. He looked more hurt than angry," she said.
      "I was thinking about your holding back," she said. "Could it be more than what you said?"
      More? I shrugged. "I don't know. Sex isn't love."
      "That's true, but sex can show how much you care about someone."
      "But what if he doesn't care as much back?"
      "Then you'll at least know, and go from there."
      "Actually, I think I'm afraid of scaring him off by opening up too much."
      "Really?" she said. "I think you're afraid to take a chance, and let him get closer to you."
      Ouch, that hurt. Maybe it's true. "I did that once. I felt myself completely giving in to him, but it scared us both. We even talked to a psychiatrist about it, and she said there was no problem."
      "I know what you mean Ben, that feeling of giving-in, it's really wonderful," she said. She sighed and sat back against the wall. "Now I know why I'm attracted to gay guys, they seem to understand things from a girl's point of view."
      She's attracted to me! I swallowed and pulled away.
      "It's OK Ben," she said "I know you're with Tony."
      She must have seen my surprised look, but I hope she didn't noticed my interest in her. That would make things too confusing.
      "Why don't we go find him?" she said.
      Yes! I leaped up.
      Patty chuckled.
      "What?" I asked.
      "It's so cute, the way you brightened up."
      What can I say. "Is he in the kitchen?"
      "Maybe. Let's go see." She held out her hand for me to help her up. She lead the way, still holding my hand!
      The sound of the living room hit me like the air was thick. Man, what a sound system! I could feel the bass in my body. We got to the kitchen. There was Dave and Tony, talking with some other people. Tony's back was to me. Dave saw Patty approaching. Tony looked around.
      "I have someone here for you Tony," Patty said as pulled me up to Tony. He smiled at me. She whispered something in his ear. His grin disappeared and he nodded. Then she pushed me over to him. He put his arm around me, and hugged me to his side. I put my arm around him too and hugged back.
      He leaned over, "Hi lover-boy," he whispered in my ear.
      "Hi hot-stuff," I whispered back in his ear.
      Hmm, "What did she say to you?" I asked.
      He tensed up. "I'll tell you later."
      "I'm sorry Tony. Things seem OK here."
      "No, I'm the one who is sorry. I shouldn't have got carried away."
      I looked at him and he looked back. We just stood there looking into each other's eyes. Time seemed to stand still.
      "Aren't they cute?" Patty said.
      "Uh, yeah," replied Dave.
      I looked down.
      "Jealous?" she asked him. "You could of had either of them," she said more quietly.
      "I did, have them. Now I have you." he replied. I looked at them. He was smiling at her and she was smiling back.
      "Aww, aren't they cute?" I said to Tony. He busted up laughing. So did Dave and Patty, who hugged each other.
      "Let's dance some more," I said to Tony. "Just regular dancing, OK?"
      "Sure sweetie." he whispered. "Let's go."
      We danced on and off for about two hours. People were not looking at us as much by the end of the evening. Guys seemed to keep their distance. But a number of girls talked to us, mostly to Tony, I noticed. A few times I pulled him away to dance some more. We left after setting a date to go out with Dave, Patty, Sue and Jan next Saturday. Everyone thought a movie would be fun.
      On the way home. I asked Tony, "What did Patty say to you?"
      "In the kitchen when she whispered to you."
      "Oh, ah." He griped the steering wheel. "She said, 'You be nice to him or I'll try to take him from you.'" He squirmed.
      Sigh, I don't want to go down that path. Why did I bring it up! Be careful with what you say Ben. Let him know that you only want him.
      "She can't compete with a fox like you," I said.
      "Oh? I didn't know there was a competition."
      Shit! I said the wrong thing. What should I have said? What can I say? Stall.
      "I didn't think there was either. I love you Tony."
      Silence. I looked at him. He was just concentrating on the road. I couldn't tell what he was thinking. He didn't seem angry, but he didn't look too happy either.
      "Are you interested in girls, Ben?"
      That was the question that I didn't wanted to answer. If I lie, it needs to be a quick 'no,' or else it won't be believed. But I can't do that. I've delayed too long now. So I have to tell the truth. But I don't know how I really feel or if I want to try girls. Even that seems too threatening to say to Tony. What if I admit that I am, a little, but let him know that I'm far more attracted to him. He might reply with, 'so I might leave him for a girl.' But what's to stop him from leaving me for another guy? That seems logical. I'm taking too long! Say something.
      "I guess I'm attracted to girls, sometimes. But right now, I'm only attracted to you," I said. Not quite true, since I had a moment of attraction to Patty. But I would never give up Tony for her.
      "What about later? Wouldn't you want to see what you are missing?"
      Not quite the response I expected, but maybe I can modify my reply.
      "For me to want to go with a girl, or guy, is just as likely as for you to go out with another guy."
      "So you would leave me." he said angrily.
      What did I say? This is turning into a full scale fight! I don't want to fight with him. Tears were forming. Stop being a cry-baby Ben. That's not going to help. Words aren't helping either. OK show him.
      Maybe we could park for a bit. I looked around. We were nearing the bottom of a canyon. No houses were around. And this street didn't seem very busy.
      "Can we park and talk Tony?"
      "Sure. It looks like there's a wide part of shoulder there at the bottom."
      He sighed. But he slowed down and pulled off at the spot I pointed out. I was not planning on talking anymore.
      He shut the car off. I unbuckled my seat belt and turned to look at him. He was just staring ahead. I trembled a little. I didn't want to loose him. He'll get anything he wants from me now. I'll do anything for him.
      "I love you, Tony."
      He looked at me. I scooted closer to him.
      "I love you too Ben."
      I moved closer and touched my hand to his shoulder. He didn't pull away. Whew. I moved quickly to him, to hug him. He put his arms around me. I wanted to say something, but I forced myself to stay quiet. I put my right hand on his cheek to turn him to kiss me, and I kissed him. He wasn't responding much. I pushed my tongue into his mouth. He held me tighter. Ah, he's responding to me by moving into my mouth. I pressed up to him and gave him easy access to the spot. I moved my hand down to rub his chest and down to his stomach and back up to his chest. OK, it's now or never. I moved my hand down his chest and side and then to his front, between his legs. I tried to feel for his dick. He jumped, his hand pulled my hand away, and he pulled back from kissing me.

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