Contacting Me


The trick is finding me online; I'm in many places, but I don't hold still for long. If you really want to chat with me, your best bet is to send me an email, and setup a day, time, and online-place to meet (I've listed the places in my order of preference).

EMail is always welcome. If you want to be added to my distribution list for story updates, just drop me a quick note, and I'll add your address. (See My Privacy Policy below.)

URL: telnet://
Handle: Brian618, or BrianPhi
See the Basic MOO Commands page for directions to my home in LambdaMOO.

My apartment is in the Red Hotel on the 'nopoly board in the Dining room. Here are the directions from "The Entrance Hall":

enter 'nopoly
enter red hotel

Yahoo Messenger
Handle: brian6180, or brian618033989

OK, this isn't really a contact method, but it sure would get my attention! smile

If you like my stories, maybe you would consider making a donation? (Perhaps $5) Think of it as a being equivalent to "shareware"; you get to read it all and pay for what you think it is worth. As a small reward, you'll see where the 618033989 number comes from.

You might be interested to know that PayPal does not reveal any account information about you to me. PayPal acts as a third party to manage the money transfers. Only your e-mail and name you give to PayPal is sent to me. Also your address isn't required, because I'm not shipping anything. So it is more secure than if you were to send a check.

My Privacy Policy

I will not sell or intentionally reveal your e-mail or any personal information without your permission. For example, when I send messages to the story distribution list, I use BCC so that the addresses are kept hidden.

I will not post or forward your private messages or communication, without your permission.

However if you CC other addresses in messages to me, then I may reply to all the addresses.


Last updated: 2003/05/26