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Brian618033989's Home Page

If you're interested in gay male erotic romance fiction, you're in the right place.



April 21, 2006

No new stories yet (work still dominates). This is just a minor site update, with typo updates. I've also added a mirror site, because Geocities is now a pain to update without ftp (unless I want to pay).



img Learning About Love: Book 1 - Finished

Short Stories

img Another Chance



The characters and the stories are fiction, but many of the book titles and some of the settings are real.

This is a list of some of the works that formed the foundation or influenced my stories. I would highly recommend looking at the Gay Liberation Front: Manifesto. It reads like an idealistic dream, however it seems like our society is still unconscious, and not even dreaming.

otherOther People's Stories

If you liked my stories, maybe you'll like some of the stories that I like too. Here are some of my favorites.


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